Wednesday, May 30, 2007

38 weeks - baby is 7.28 lbs!

Just arrived home from visiting Dr. Lam's and baby has grown even bigger! Based on measurements of her head (34 cm circumference... erm, that's not small!), her body, and the length of her femur bone, doc says she is now approximately 7.28 lbs (3.3 kgs). Whoa, big baby! With 2 more weeks to go, she could be over 8 lbs at birth! But a big baby is healthy and supposed to be easier to care for than lighter weight babies so all's good. And the key thing is she is healthy, with a good heart beat, and still kicking her mom every day :) Tracy's ribs are a bit bruised feeling these days!

Can't wait for her to be born, but hope she can wait at least a few more days (until Mama Tong arrives next week). Also, Mama Wang arrived today! The first of many visitors, and she is already cooking up a storm in the kitchen ...yum!

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