Monday, May 14, 2007

So far so good at 36 weeks

Clark and I registered at Tsan Yuk Hospital (for delivery at Queen Mary Hospital) a few weeks ago, and had a visit with the doctor today. We always feel a little better and reassured after seeing the doctor, especially when everything looks so far so good! Baby is in the head-down position and already 2/3 moved into the pelvis. This likely means that, although she has a big head (already 10 cm at 32 weeks!), she "fits" so a natural birth is possible. For those who aren't grossed out reading this... Yay! That's great news because we definitely prefer natural over caesarian :)

We've also unpacked all the little baby clothes (one-sies, receiving blankets, socks, mittens, bedding, etc... everything is so small and so cute!) and are bringing it out to wash this week so baby has clean things when she's born. Her entire wardrobe, including mattress is less than a full load of laundry. Hehe!

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