Monday, June 18, 2007

Baby home again! (after 2 days sun-tanning)

On Saturday (June 16), Natalie went again for her check-up at Pamela Youde Hospital and we found that her jaundice levels had risen (from 254 to 263 to 315). Poor baby! So off to the hospital for 2 days / 2 nights of "sun-tanning" under UV lights. She's now safely home (yay!) after chilling in her tanning bed for 2 days. Hopefully, with levels back at 215 today she doesn't need to make a return trip. We missed having her at home!

Here are a few (illegally taken via phonecam) pics of Natalie in her tanning bed. Don't worry, it looks scarier than it is... the head gauze is just to hold her "sunglasses" in place over her eyes, and the glass box is to keep the temperature nice and toasty warm. It's like baby's version of relaxing on the beach :)

The nurses also took great care of her during her stay. And now she's home, relaxed, and just chilling with us again. Welcome home (again) Natalie!


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