Monday, June 18, 2007

The Birth Story

Finally, over a week after the birth, here is Natalie's birth story...

June 10, 2007

6:00am - Tracy wakes up to contractions that are light and irregular. Not sure she's really in labour, she putters around the house for a couple hours.
8:30am - When she is sure she's in labour, Tracy wakes up Clark and together they time the contractions.
11:00am - Contractions start to come regularly at 4 minute intervals, lasting 30 seconds each. Tracy, Clark, and Carol play mariokart and watch CSI. Tracy (who usually really sucks and always comes in last) kicks major mariokart butt through her contractions.
1:00pm - Tracy, Clark, and Mama Wang head to Queen Mary Hospital where they find out Tracy is dialated to 2cm, and her cervix softened and fully thinned.
2:30pm - Tracy's contractions become stronger and she is admitted into labour & delivery. Clark puts on gown and cap to accompany her.
3:00pm - Tracy sucks desparately on Entonox gas through her contractions, but it doesn't really seem to work. She asks Clark to check if it's really attached to the machine.
3:30pm - Clark is asked to leave the room, and Tracy almost asks to marry her anesthesiologist after getting her epidural. Clark and Tracy sleep.
5:15pm - Tracy is almost fully dialated to 10 cm, but her water has not broken.
5:30pm - Baby's heartbeat is irregular, changing with each contraction (up to above 150 during contractions and below 100 without contractions). The doctor is concerned the baby is distressed and decides to break Tracy's waters to check the color. The water is clear (yay!) so they have bought some time. But the doctor believes Natalie still needs to come out as soon as possible and recommends Tracy come off the epidural to be more effective at pushing. Tracy fearfully promises to be a good pusher. They try a test push, but the doctor's recommendation stands. Tracy asks if they can just turn it down a bit? The doctor restates her recommendation. Tracy (reluctantly) agrees.
6:30pm - The epidural is turned off and they wait an hour for the drugs to wear off.
7:45pm - Tracy's epidural has not fully worn off yet. She only partially feels the contractions. The doctor says a vacuum delivery may be necessary. They setup for the delivery. And suddenly, it's time to push. While offering encouragement and support ("Push!"), Clark watches Tracy's face turn red, then purple, and the veins pop out from her forehead. 2 contractions and 7 purple pushes later, the doctor declares she is going ahead to use the vacuum to speed up the delivery. During the 3rd contraction (somewhere between the 2nd and 3rd push), Natalie's head as it is born. Inbetween hyperventilating, Tracy asks if Clark can take a picture, but the answer is no. And with just one more push...
8:45pm - Natalie (a.k.a mini-Clark) is born!

Tracy models the latest hospital fashion.
While tracy sucks desparately on Entonox gas through a contraction, Clark thoughtfully takes a few pictures as the proud husband / father-to-be.
Friends Angus, Gerald, and Marian wait outside in the lobby for a couple hours.

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