Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Welcome to Natalie Wang!

We are so happy to announce the birth of Natalie Wang on June 10, 2007 weighing in at a heathly 7.6 lbs!

Tracy and Natalie just arrived home this evening so this is just a short announcement with more details (and photos and videos!) to come soon. In the mean time, here are a few select photos. Enjoy!

Tracy and Clark in L&D

Natalie in her crib at Queen Mary Hospital

Close-up of Natalie at QMH

Natalie being burped at home


  1. Congrats Tracy and Clark!! She looks beautiful! All the best & hope you recover quickly Tracy!

    Sending you guys love from back home!!

    - Francis

  2. YEAY she's finally here!! We were all wondering if Natalie was born yet. She is such a cutie! :)
    Congrats to you both! You're now a family!


  3. Hey congrats Tracy and Clark! She is so cute! Take care Tracy, get lots of rest! Hope to see you all soon!