Monday, July 9, 2007

Moon Yuet Dinner

Wow, can hardly believe it's been almost one month since Natalie was born! In celebration of Natalie's "moon yuet", we had a traditional chinese dinner at Choi Wun Heen in Quarry Bay (red eggs included of course!) Was dee-licious :) Here are some photos (below).

Also, check out 2 new videos here (video 6) and here (video 7).

Natalie in her cute moot yuet outfit, and strapped in her (rollercoaster) carseat with Auntie Carol. Gramma Tong, Cousin Vanessa, Auntie Lisa and Uncle Dennis also joined to celebrate with us.

Tracy and Clark (baby Natalie is asleep behind them in her stroller) and Auntie Carol, and again with Gramma Tong, Auntie and Uncle Ng, Gramma Wang, and Uncle Alex. Uncle Frankie, Auntie Geraldine also joined dinner with little Angelina and Anthony, and we learned to speak some Italian (Pizzeria... Mario and Luigi! ...Si?)

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