Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Natalie chillin' with her homies

Today was another mommies (and babies) meeting in one of the mommy's apartment. The mommies snacked (potluck style), hung out, and chit-chatted. And I think the babies had a great time making friends, too :)

Here are a few photos of Natalie and her little friends:

Little Nana and Natalie.

Myley, Nana, and Natalie.

Myley, Moorea, Nana, and Natalie. Nana has gotten bored and fallen asleep.

Becky, Pia, Max (the only boy in the mommies group in cute little army fatigues), Moorea, Nana, and Natalie.

6 babies in a row

Natalie checking out a new playmat with Moorea.

Natalie likes her new friends. She barely slept at all!

1 comment:

  1. look at all those babies! super cute!

    one boy outta 7..competitions going to be tight when Natalie grows up!.lol!