Monday, July 16, 2007

Natalie loves to sleep

Natalie is a little piggy... weighing in at over 9.5 lbs (we weighed her yesterday), all she does is eat, pee, poo and sleep (and occasionally smile and coo at us). Aside from peeing on her mom and grammas when they remove her diaper, sleeping is her next favourite hobby. She sleeps about 20 hours a day! She also loves being held and cuddled by us (and we love cuddling her as well) but could be trouble for us later since she likes to sleep while being held and rocked (uh oh... whoops!) Here are a few more photos (below).

Also, check out three new videos:

Video 10
Natalie trying a pacifier for the first time. She was confused when it first went in her mouth (hey, where's the milk?!) She's still confused by it and keeps spitting it out... hope we can train her to use one!

Video 11
Natalie chilling out on her change table after a bath. See the crazy hair? She's also more active now... kicking her legs. Oh, and cutie sneezes too (she always sneezes twice in a row)

Video 12
Natalie falling asleep on our bed. She rolls her eyes around (REM dreaming) and smiles a sleepy smile.

Natalie in her baby bjorn sling. It must be comfy... she always falls asleep!

Natalie dozing on her parents bed. She loves to nap and just be close to us :)

Natalie chilling with her mommy.

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