Friday, July 13, 2007

She's smiling at me!

This morning, while chilling on our bed, propped up on a pillow, Natalie smiled a REAL smile! This was not a sleepy smile (babies sometimes practice smiling as they fall asleep), but was definitely a full-on smile in response to Tracy's smile. Wow... totally and utterly heart-melting. Will have to try catching it on video, but in the mean time, here are two more videos of Natalie.

Video 8:
Here is Natalie enjoying her new change-table mobile. She seems to love the music and watching the little animals move up and down. Now she's learned to smile at them and occasionally, she'll even reach her hand out and bat at them.

Video 9:
here is Natalie making ugly faces while eating her medicine. Poor Natalie! She's also gotten smarter at spitting it out. Such a smartie!

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