Thursday, December 27, 2007

Natalie's First Christmas

Here are some pics of Natalie's very first Christmas. Also, watch Video 66 of Natalie unwrapping her gift. She has to choose between the very tempting red, crinkly wrapping paper and her box gift. Does she make the right decision...? Watch and see!

Watching Daddy decorate Christmas cookies.

Posing with Aunt Marian in her xmas outfit.

With Vanessa, Uncle Dave, and Carol Yee-yee at xmas dim sum.

The whole family at xmas dim sum.

Ratatouille with daddy.

Our little family together on Christmas day. Natalie is sitting on her new gift from us.

Natalie unwrapping her gift.

Natalie enjoying her new gift, the Hop n' Pop!

The boxing day mule. Natalie's just chilling. Poor daddy.

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