Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Natalie eats breakfast in her bumbo sitter every morning. Today, we tried to practice her self-feeding technique, but Natalie picked up some food in her fist and 1) couldn't eat it and 2) wouldn't let anyone take it away.

See Video 88 of Natalie happy and chilling in her bumbo sitter.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

BIG front tooth

Natalie has a BIG front tooth coming in. It's huge! Hard to take a good picture because when I lift her lip up, she sticks her tongue out. Here's the best shot. Now Natalie has one tooth on the bottom and one tooth on the top. They are both on the left side so they match :)

Also check out Video 87 of Natalie and Vanessa playing together.

Panda Junction

Now that she's (kinda) mobile, Natalie is starting to check out the different playgroups in Hong Kong. Here are pics from our first trial at Panda Junction.

She crawled all the way through the tunnel!

Hanging out on the exercise mats with her friend Ethan.

Natalie is fascinated with the bouncing balls in the middle of the parachute.

And now bubbles under the parachute.

Natalie loved playing with her galaxy ball.

More bubble fun.

Natalie and cousin Victoria

Here are some first photos of Natalie with her new little cousin Victoria.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Vanessa's Toys

Since Victoria's birth, we have been visiting Lisa Yee-yee's a lot. Natalie is sooo happy playing with all the new toys from cousin Vanessa. Here she is looking like a "big girl" on Vanessa's toy car. She also loves the kitchen set (but only because she can open the oven and access the plastic frying pan hiding in there).

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Fat versus small feet

Look at the difference 8 months can make! On the left are Natalie's chubby little feet. On the right are cousin Victoria's little new feet in Lisa's hand. Victoria was 5 lbs 10 oz at birth. Natalie now weighs about 20 lbs.

Hanging with Mommy

While we were hanging out with Natalie a couple days ago, daddy Clark decided to try out the camera to take Mommy & Baby photos. Here are some shots below:

Natalie shy at first.

Say cheese!

Yay, a smile from Natalie!

Natalie loves touching and exploring people's faces. She pokes at eyes, picks noses, flubs lips, and pats cheeks.

A smile for mommy.

A smile for daddy.

A small smile for the camera.

Natalie's not shy any more. She wants HER new toy, the camera.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Nat with hair?

The little explorer

Natalie has become brave enough to wander off her pink and blue mats. She visits her exersaucer, the bookshelf, and her toy box. As an accomplished army-crawler, she even managed to make it all the way to visit her mommy Tracy and sneak under the dining table.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Cousin Victoria is born!

Aunt Lisa delivered a healthy baby girl yesterday. Congratulations to Lisa Yee-yee and Dennis Yee-jurn on the latest addition to their family! Here are some first photos of the tiny and and very cute cousin Victoria.

Portraits by Daddy

Here are some sweet photos of Natalie taken by her Daddy Clark yesterday morning.

Friday, February 15, 2008

More Pics

Natalie hanging out in her new outfit (from Gramma and Grampa Wang)

She is fascinated with the morning sun on the sofa cover.

The flash is too bright! But my sweater from Melodie Yee-yee fits juuuust right.

Watching cousin Vanessa eat lunch from her exersaucer. She seems to know that Vanessa is a little person like her.

Reading with our helper Suparti (Ti-Ti) this morning.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Dinner by Uncle Dave

Yesterday, Uncle Dave fed Natalie her dinner and she finished everything. What a good girl! While she was eating, Tracy had more time to snap more pics. The lighting could use some work, but here are the pics (below).

Also, check out Video 86 of Natalie army crawling and chasing the camera. Her three favourite toys are the camera, mobile phones, and remote controls.

Natalie opens wide for a bite of chicken, bok choy, and rice.

Natalie pauses between bites to stare at the camera.

Uncle Dave uses distraction to get Natalie to finish the last few bites.

All done!

Here are some extra shots of Natalie drinking water from her cup. She can drink it herself now!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

New Camera

We bought a new SLR camera last night to help us capture even more pics of Natalie. Still figuring out how to use it, but here's a sample of one of the first photos taken. The SLR takes photos that are more "crisp" than our regular pentax digital camera. For example, if you click on the photo to enlarge it, note the drop of drool on Nat's chin and the clear detail of her pajamas.

Angry baby

As promised, here are some photos of Natalie enjoying her organic, home-cooked veggies. Today's selection was choy sum. Natalie was not a happy camper when I took the camera away.

Natalie says: Yummy, I love choy sum!

Hey, don't take the camera away! It's my favourite toy (after the remote control).

Gimme the camera or else!

Yummy, I love to eat the camera, too!

Natalie and her friend Sophia

Yesterday, Natalie met up with a new friend Sophia. Sophia is just 7 months old and is visiting from the UK. Natalie was very curious about her new friend and patted her. Aren't they cute together?

Monday, February 11, 2008

Babies Chinese New Years Party

Yesterday, we had a Chinese New Years mommies-group party at Coco's house. It was really fun! The babies all dressed up in CNY outfits and were totally adorable. Check out pics below.

Natalie, Jamila, Nivana, and Nana (and Clark, too!)

Jamila playing with a ball. Natalie trying to steal Stella's ball, but Stella has craftily hidden it behind her back.

Babies chasing after balls.

Jamila and Natalie in the ball pit. Jamila keeps picking up balls from the inside and putting them on the outside. Balls were everywhere. Natalie just picked up a ball and tried to eat it.

Myley and Natalie standing holding onto the chair, exchanging face pats and clothing tugs.

Natalie going after Summer's toy.

Close up of Summer. She is a fast crawler and leaves Natalie behind in her dust. Poor Natalie.

Jamila, Natalie, Nana, and Holly playing together on the mats. You can see the top of Summer's head. She is going for the camera string.

We're trying to set up a photo shoot of all the babies in their cute outfits, but it was very messy. The babies won't sit for very long and are all trying to crawl away.

The babies won't sit still! Even Natalie tries to crawl away. Tracy has to catch her and move her back to position.

Finally, we decide on pics of mommies holding our babies. It's Ava with Nivana, Sandra with Jamila, Tracy with Natalie, Tina with Holly, Lily with Summer (sleeping), Coco with Nana, Cindy with Myley, Elena with Max, and Katie with Stella.

And pics of babies with daddies. It's Ava with Nivana (Ava subs in for daddy Ian), Clark with Natalie, Alastair with Holly, Christian and Jamila, Norman and Nana, Scott and Myley, David and Max, Dan and Stella.