Monday, February 11, 2008

Babies Chinese New Years Party

Yesterday, we had a Chinese New Years mommies-group party at Coco's house. It was really fun! The babies all dressed up in CNY outfits and were totally adorable. Check out pics below.

Natalie, Jamila, Nivana, and Nana (and Clark, too!)

Jamila playing with a ball. Natalie trying to steal Stella's ball, but Stella has craftily hidden it behind her back.

Babies chasing after balls.

Jamila and Natalie in the ball pit. Jamila keeps picking up balls from the inside and putting them on the outside. Balls were everywhere. Natalie just picked up a ball and tried to eat it.

Myley and Natalie standing holding onto the chair, exchanging face pats and clothing tugs.

Natalie going after Summer's toy.

Close up of Summer. She is a fast crawler and leaves Natalie behind in her dust. Poor Natalie.

Jamila, Natalie, Nana, and Holly playing together on the mats. You can see the top of Summer's head. She is going for the camera string.

We're trying to set up a photo shoot of all the babies in their cute outfits, but it was very messy. The babies won't sit for very long and are all trying to crawl away.

The babies won't sit still! Even Natalie tries to crawl away. Tracy has to catch her and move her back to position.

Finally, we decide on pics of mommies holding our babies. It's Ava with Nivana, Sandra with Jamila, Tracy with Natalie, Tina with Holly, Lily with Summer (sleeping), Coco with Nana, Cindy with Myley, Elena with Max, and Katie with Stella.

And pics of babies with daddies. It's Ava with Nivana (Ava subs in for daddy Ian), Clark with Natalie, Alastair with Holly, Christian and Jamila, Norman and Nana, Scott and Myley, David and Max, Dan and Stella.

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