Thursday, March 20, 2008

Smartie can click

Natalie is learning something new almost everyday. Here is a list of most of the things she knows how to do so far:

1. Pull herself up into the standing position using most things (furniture, people, even her wobbly exersaucer).
2. "Give" us something she is holding in her hands by extending her hand and opening her palms (and then she cries if we don't give it back right away).
3. Feed herself bread, crackers, fruit (even slippery mangoes and small blueberries), and pretty much anything we put within her reach.
4. Stretch her arms out when she wants us to carry her.
5. Copy sounds we make, including high pitched screams and B, M, P, H, and D sounds.
6. Firmly close her mouth and shake her head whenever we try to feed her something she doesn't want to eat and push your hand away when she's full.
7. Make a clicking sound with her tongue. See Video 99.
8. Play peekaboo.
9. Recognize her favourite toys that are peeking out from under a blanket or behind a box.
10. Choose between toys by reaching into the toy box and picking out her favourite ones.
11. Splash water during bathtime and say "Blah!" (copying us when we say "splash!")
12. Call out when she wants attention. She no longer cries when she wakes up, but will call out and know we will come running to get her.
13. Put herself to sleep by herself in her crib at night.
14. Hold her own bottle to feed herself formula.
15. Take off her own hat (she hates wearing anything on her head).
16. Shake hands and high-5.
17. Recognize people.
18. Show her emotions including happiness, sadness, anger, excitement, curiosity, and confusion.
19. Hang on to us when we carry her around.
20. Be cute. (But then again, she was born that way. And no, we're not bias!)

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