Saturday, March 29, 2008

Summer's Birthday Party

Yesterday, Natalie attended Summer's birthday party. There were lots of babies in attendance. See pics below.

Babies, babies, everywhere.

Here are some babies chilling by the snack bar. The birthday girl, Summer, is wearing a white tutu and crown hairclip. She looks like a real princess for her birthday.

Natalie helping herself to some snacks and chit-chatting with her friends.

Natalie posing with her friend Olivia. Even after most babies had eaten their fill and left to explore the room, Natalie stayed standing next to the food table.

And she kept eating.

There were two birthday cakes. One for babies, one for mommies. The babies gather around the table to sing "happy birthday" to Summer. Can you find Natalie?

Natalie keeps eating.

Her friends Olivia and Sienna want the mommies cake (which has some alcohol in it). Natalie keeps eating. She finished a whole piece of baby birthday cake, too. What a piggy!

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