Sunday, May 4, 2008

All Babies Birthday Party

Natalie celebrated her first birthday party ever at the JWT gym with our mommies group joint 1-year babies' birthday party! We had so much fun playing on the equipment, singing songs, and munching on pizza and cupcakes we were totally pooped afterwards. Even the dads got in on the action :) But we only managed to catch a few photos before our battery gave out on us. If other mommies and daddies took photos, we'll post the link up once we have them.

Natalie chilling on the soft carpet. She's just warming up.

Natalie being greeted with applause by all her little friends. Her mouth falls open in amazement as she stares at all below her. Are they all clapping and waving at me?

Enjoying a dip in the ball pool with her friends. Can you find Natalie?

There she is! This angle is a little better. Here she is frolicking with her friends Becky, Stella, Sienna, Nana, Holly, and Parker.

Natalie in the tunnel. She was a little hesitant to crawl in by herself. (BTW, that's a string hanging in front of the camera, in case you're wondering).

But what's a girl to do when your parents put you inside? Natalie didn't mind at all. She just chilled, explored a little and when she was done, she crawled right back out :)

Here are a couple more pics courtesy of little Becky and her mum and dad (from their blog). Thanks!

Just the mummies and babies for the cupcake and candle blowing ceremony.

Group shot of all the babies and mummies and daddies together.

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