Thursday, May 15, 2008

Carol & Dave's Wedding Day

Natalie's auntie Carol yee-yee and Dave yee-jurn celebrated their marriage together on Saturday, May 10, 2008 at the Grand Formosa Hotel in Taipei. This was Natalie's second time to Taipei. It was so good to see Carol and Dave again (we missed them) and we are super happy for them (and they look super happy too!).

The day began with photos and the traditional tea-pouring ceremony in the hotel suite, followed by a fabulous lunch (we ate waaaay too much), and then the bride and groom treated everyone to two hours at a spa while they helped to baby-sit the kiddies. Even though we were too full to eat dinner, somehow, we still managed to make it out to a late-night buffet that had sooooooooo much food we are still recovering today.

All-in-all, a great trip! See pics below:

The bride and groom.

Family photo of the happy couple with our little family. Natalie just woke up and is a little dopey.

Entire Tong family photo. This is the first one in a while! All current Tongs present and accounted for. Natalie is fully awake and smiling at the camera.

Cousin Vanessa giving the beautiful bride a kiss.

The kiddies playing with the gong in the restaurant. Natalie really liked the red gong stick and hit the ground with it over and over and over again (it made a "tck tck tck" sound).

Cutie Vanessa looks so cute in her new dress.

Natalie with her mommy and Nainai.

Carol and Dave have changed to their lunch outfits. Look at the huge piece of bread Natalie's gnawing on. She's an enthusiastic eater!

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