Thursday, May 15, 2008

Chilling at Ching Bu's

And now back to our program of pics from Taiwan and Carol & Dave's wedding :) On Sunday, we spent half a day chilling at Ching Bu (Natalie's great-grandmother)'s home in Taipei. It was great to spend time with family and (we like to think) everyone loved Natalie. No seriously, she was totally cute and energetic, hamming it up for everyone (and was totally exhausted later and napped for two hours).

Natalie loves pens and spoons and forks and chopsticks. She prefers playing with anything that's long and pointy, preferably made of hard material like plastic or wood. Ya, she likes to live on the edge.

Natalie really enjoyed playing with this box. Putting things in, taking them out.

In goes the pen.

Natalie smiling and encouraging all the adults to play with her. She'll pull herself up to standing position and then cruise over closer to them and smile and babble.

More pen action. She won't let it go.

Natalie hamming it up for the adults. You can see them all smiling and laughing at something she just did.

Cutie patootie taking a break on the floor. All that standing can be tiring.

And she's up again. This coffee table is the perfect height for her.

Natalie discovers the toy drawer. This drawer had gone through two generations of Wang family babies and is filled with all sorts of different knick-knacks and toys for Natalie to play with. This keeps her busy for over twenty minutes (almost a new record).

While going through the drawer, Natalie held onto this one (notice it is long, pointy, and made of plastic).

Natalie playing mahjong with her Yeh yeh.

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