Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Natalie and Vanessa

Natalie is very curious about her cousin Vanessa. She follows her and watches what she does. She tries to play with the same toys Vanessa does, and copies her. We think she is trying to learn from her older cousin. Here are some pics of them hanging out together (below).

Also, Natalie is very good at giving people things. But if you take it from her, you must either do something interesting with it or give it right back. We've figured out that Natalie only gives people things to see what they do with it. Then she'll hold out her hand so she can get it back and try to do what you did with it. For example, her daddy Clark puts the phone to his ear and says "Hello? Hello?" and she will take the phone back and put it next to her head. So I'm not sure we should all be saying "Thank yoooo Naataaaleeee!!" with so much enthusiasm whenever she gives things to us because really, we are her science experiment.

Natalie watching Vanessa playing with her new walk-aid toy. Notice the green toy in Natalie's hand.

Vanessa trying to get Natalie to wear a bucket hat. We can't even get Natalie to wear a normal hat. As you can probably guess, Vanessa didn't have much luck with the bucket hat.

Three babies together. As usual, Natalie is watching Vanessa. And she is still holding the green toy.

Uh oh, somehow Vanessa got the green toy. Vanessa is only holding the toy and it's not very interesting so of course Natalie wants it back.

But Vanessa won't let go of the toy so Natalie starts to cry.

Natalie bounces up and down in frustration. Vanessa is quite fascinated when Natalie cries. And she refuses to let go of the toy.

Later, we bring out more toys so there's enough to go around and the bubs are happy again. Kind of. Natalie still wants the green toy. We give a blue toy to Vanessa because blue is her favourite color and peace reigns again (at least for a little while).

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