Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Natalie!

Today is Natalie's birthday. Hard to believe that one year ago we were at the hospital anxiously waiting for her arrival, and today, we've MADE IT ...Natalie is turning ONE. She's no longer "zero" years of age and now has a proper age (which can be quoted in years instead of months).

Below are two pics that were taken and posted almost one year ago. You can see Natalie really has come a long way from her small(-ish) beginnings. Some things that have changed from one year ago:
  • Natalie is no longer a cute baby lump, but a funny and happy toddler who interacts with others
  • Natalie is almost triple her birth weight (from 7.5lbs - 22lbs)
  • On the other hand, Tracy is 20% lighter than last year at this same time
  • Clark no longer has to deal with a huge, hormonal woman while anxiously wondering if she's going into labour NOW. Or now? How about now?
  • We have changed over 300 poo diapers and gotten poo on our hands numerous times
  • Tracy and Clark have become more confident parents, and we're loving every minute of it

We still can't believe how fast this year has passed. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NATALIE!

One of the first pics of Natalie taken with my phone camera while at the hospital. She is only 1/2 a day old here.

Natalie home and sleeping soundly in her moses basket. This basket would be much too small for her today.

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