Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Little busy walker

Natalie loves to walk and will ask us to take her walker out (by pointing and yelling of course) so she can stand behind it and push it around. She hasn't gotten the hang of how to steer yet and will happily walk a straight-ish line until she hits something (a wall, a shelf, the sofa, my foot) that stops her from moving forward. Then she'll yell and call for us to help her turn the walker around so she can walk a straight line some more.

Today, Natalie did a little steering and managed to get her walker into the hallway by herself. See photos below:

Natalie making her way into the hallway. She's a determined little walker now.

She stops just inside the doorway and squats to pick something off the floor. While squatting, she accidentally turns her walker into the door.

Hey, how come I can't move anymore?

If the walker won't move, Natalie decides she still can and cruises along to the side of the walker where she can see me better and we can chit-chit.

Natalie happily chatting away with me.

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