Sunday, June 22, 2008

More Bah-roos

Yesterday, while looking for baby teeth wipes at the new Toys r' Us that opened just down the street, we picked up a big, pink balloon at their grand opening. Not only am I super happy that a Toys R' Us has opened so close (and convenient) to us, Natalie was also happy to be re-united with her friend the "bah-rooo!". She insisted on playing with it through dinner.

Natalie posing with her friend bah-roo.

Natalie smiling, happily eating and playing with bah-roo.

Natalie loves showing things to the people around her. She even very generously gave me the balloon to hold for a few seconds.

Half-way through the meal, Natalie becomes interested in the little part where the balloon attaches to the stick.

Very interesting. I wonder what happens if I do this...?

Uh oh.


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