Thursday, June 5, 2008

Natalie says "Da Do!"

Natalie is starting to really "talk" now and is experimenting with new syllables and stringing them together. Her favourite word so far is "da do!" She says this over and over and over again every day. We're still trying to figure out what it means, but I suspect Natalie is saying "Thank you!" because that's what we say to her A LOT, especially when she gives us things or when she "maht day" or when she hi-5's us or when she kisses us (which she can now do with a delayed kiss sound by putting her head against our head and then pulling away and doing a high-pitched "smkkt!" sound with her mouth). Clark's not so sure and thinks it might be something else. I still think it means "Thank you" because this morning, she was blowing kisses good-bye to me through the gate and after she blew a kiss, she said "da do" so I'm pretty sure because whenever I blow a kiss to her and she blows a kiss back to me, I always say "Thank you", hence she would say "da do" (pronounced dah-doh).

Also, every morning when Natalie wakes up in our bed (we bring her over to sleep with us whenever she wakes up in the middle of the night) she'll sit up in between us and start chatting to her sleepy (and sometimes still sleeping) parents. She may smack Clark in the face a few times to get his attention, or pull my hair. And of course, when we look at her groggily and mumble to her "What's up, Natalie?" she'll look at us and say "Da do".

Lisa Yee-yee passed on this really nice family photo of my parents (the grandparents) with their three grand-daughters Vanessa, little Vicky, and Natalie.

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