Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Queen of Natalie-land

With her increasing understanding of the world around her, Natalie is quickly learning that she is the Queen of Natalie-land. Within her land, Natalie has many obedient subjects at her command (namely every adult she's ever encountered so far) and, as loyal subjects of Natalie-land, we must obey her every command or face her terrible wrath.

Just today, while trying to take a few nice pictures of Natalie playing happily at home, we made the mistake of trying to keep the camera from her. See resulting photos below. Yes, the Queen's fury is great. We have all quickly learned to jump at her every whim or have a very loud, unhappy, and determined baby on our hands.

Here is Natalie resisting when her daddy Clark tries to pose for a picture with her. She doesn't want to pose for pictures, she wants the camera! Whenever you try to hold her when she doesn't want to be held, Natalie will raise her arms in the air in hopes of slipping through your hands.

Gimme the camera or else! We gave her the camera, of course.

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