Saturday, June 21, 2008

Reading with Natalie

Yesterday, Natalie was very quiet and sweet while reading with us. As she's getting older, her concentration is getting better so she can pretty much sit through an entire (short) book with us now. She loves to sit in our laps (we're like her sofa) and will occasionally crawl out from her comfy seat to turn a page or grab another book, but then she'll crawl back in and plop herself down on our lap again.

Reading quietly with daddy.

Look at the concentration. Natalie is following her daddy's finger as he points out important objects like "orange" and "banana". She can now say "nana" (a little imagination required).

A close-up shot.

Same angle with different light settings.

Natalie helping to turn the page. Her little fingers have become really good at coordinating for small movements.

Natalie lounging in her "sofa".

Thumb-sucking action.

More thumb-sucking action.

Reading with mommy. Natalie furrows her brows while concentrating on the very interesting book.

Natalie likes to read the same books over and over again.

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