Sunday, June 1, 2008

Swimming at Four Seasons

Today Natalie, her mommy and daddy, her cousin Vanessa, auntie Lisa and auntie Carol all went for a dip at the four seasons hotel pool. We had great weather (not too sunny, not too cold) and it was the perfect opportunity to try out Natalie's floater swimsuit (with foam pad inserts all along the body) and Vanessa's life jacket. Tracy was a little under the weather so didn't swim as long as the others, but she did enjoy the heated pool.

Watch a brief Video 120 of Natalie and Vanessa swimming.

Natalie keeping her head above water. She was awesome in the water and didn't seem to mind at all when water got on her face. It was a bit chilly at first, but she's wearing three layers!

Natalie going for a swim ride on her Daddy's back. She likes it!

Natalie and a cute little pout. How come my swimsuit's so bulky!

Natalie posing with her daddy. Look at the great view behind them.

Auntie Carol and Natalie with Daddy Clark swimming in the middle of the pool. Mommy Tracy sits on the side and takes pictures.

A bit of water on the lens, but you can see still how much fun Lisa, Vanessa, and Carol are having. Vanessa was a real star in the water today. She loved it and was kicking and splashing water. Her life jacket is a perfect fit.

Carol laughing while Natalie hangs out.

Natalie, Carol, Vanessa, and Tracy. Vanessa's expression is hilarious, very cute :)

The kiddies love playing with Mr. Frog. If you wind him up, he kicks his legs and swims around the water.

Daddy Clark underwater while holding Natalie. Natalie is holding Mr. Frog.

Natalie is out of her bulky-but-safe floater swimsuit while relaxing in the warmer waters of the jacuzzi. The bubs all had a dip in the jacuzzi to warm up after swimming the cooler waters of the bigger pool.

Vanessa closing her eyes in anticipation of a big splash. Not much happening here, but look at the water movement we captured.

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