Monday, June 9, 2008

Walking holding on with one hand

We are super proud of Natalie. At dim sum a couple days ago, she stood on a chair holding nothing by herself for almost 10 seconds (with mommy's hands nearby, of course). She was too busy and didn't even seem to notice she wasn't hanging on to anything! And for the past couple of days, she's also been really happy trying to walk by holding on with only one hand. She'll even reach out for us to grab her hand so she can keep trying.

Watch Video 124 of Natalie hanging on with only one hand while walking. She's still really unsteady, but you can see how happy she is to be a big girl now and upright and almost walking. She still isn't confident enough to completely let go and stand by herself (even just standing, not walking), but she's definitely on her way there!

The cutie patootie playing with her mommy this afternoon. See below videos to see what she was up to.

Also, watch Video 122 of Natalie playing with her new toys while at dim sum. She even gives them little kisses and hams it up for the aunties and uncles.

Also watch Video 123 of Natalie experimenting with sound. She's holding a poker chip and will bang at the window grill which makes a "bing bing bing!" sound. Then she'll knock it against the window sill and wall which makes a "tck tck tck" sound. Then she gives the camera a big kiss. She's also really obedient right now. If we say "No, Natalie", she actually listens! We know this won't last much longer and are enjoying every moment while it lasts.

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