Wednesday, June 18, 2008

What did Natalie do tonight?

Tonight, when I got home from work, Natalie and I hung out together for a while. She gave me kisses and then protested when I tried to hug her for too long. Then daddy called to say he was on his way home, so Natalie and I got ready to go and surprise him at the MTR station.

Here are pics from our journey:

Natalie in her stroller in the elevator. She loves to sit with one foot up (the left foot) and play with her sandal strap.

We stop by City Garden Hotel for a quick pic. Natalie sticks her hand out to feel for rain (ok, not really, but it looks like it, doesn't it?)

Close-up of the Natalie. She's wondering why we aren't going anywhere. Can we get moving again please?

Natalie waiting to cross the street while I play with camera settings.

Natalie still waiting to cross the street and checking out the people around her. Lots of strangers give her friendly smiles.

Natalie still patiently waiting for the light to change. People around us are giving me strange looks as I squat and fiddle with the camera and snap pictures of the cute and quiet baby in the stroller.

Once again, we've stopped in front of another (well-lit) store so I can fiddle some more with the camera. Here is what I see whenever I'm out with Natalie in her stroller. Again, the left foot is up and she is playing with the sandal strap. It's velcro and makes the SHrrhhsss! sound when she tugs at it, releases it, and tugs again (and again and again).

In the Fortress Hill MTR station waiting for Daddy. I'm still playing with the camera and trying to capture movement (with Natalie sitting so still). Lots of people going into the MTR.

We've now moved to the other side of the pillar and there are a lot less people coming out. Natalie loves being out and is very "gwai" sitting quietly and patiently in her stroller. She just loves to people-watch.

Natalie holding her sandal strap. You can see the blur of someone coming out of the MTR station.

Yay, Daddy's here! Here is Clark pushing Natalie through the throng of people on our walk back home.

Clark holds a "walk" pose while I take a few pics with slow shutter speed to capture more movement behind and around him. Natalie holds a pose, too.

While Tracy is waiting to cross the street with Natalie, Clark takes the camera and starts fiddling with it, too. He manages to capture this movement photo while Natalie and I stand still again.

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  1. nice shots! you guys are getting the hang of your camera settings - it's fun eh?