Saturday, July 12, 2008

Brave little walker

This morning, Natalie and I hung out and played together. She is so energetic now. When I try to hug her and tell her to chill out, she'll be like "boring!" and squirm away to find something more interesting to play with. She climbed up and down from the sofa (she knows to turn around and gently lower herself to the ground) and walked around with the walker, threw her toys on the ground, and messed up her book collection.

Watch Video 131 of Natalie walking on her own to the walker. She takes 6 or 7 uncertain wobbly steps all on her own (no safety net!) to grab her walker and then proceeds to walk into the hallway. Later, she reaches out to hold my hand. Aww...

Who says my eyes are small? Look how big they are!

This morning, Natalie played herself into a sweat. See the little beads of sweat on her forehead (click the picture to see a close-up).

Sweat head from another angle. All her hair stuck to her head.

Walking around with her walker. She walked straight into our dining set and got stuck. She'll stand there for a little while, rub her eyes, pull her hair, and look around. When that gets boring, then she might say something like "Doh la boo ga?" and call for me to help turn her around.

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