Monday, July 28, 2008

Dinner fun

We've discovered that Natalie has finally figured out how to pace herself when eating a meal. Before, when we used to put a pile (or bowl) of food in front of her, she would pick up piece after piece and put it in her mouth as quickly as possible. If she couldn't eat/swallow it fast enough, food would either dribble out of her mouth or she would spit it out and keep going until all the food was gone (some in her belly, most on the floor).

Now, we are pleased to report she's learned how to finish eating one bite before picking up the next piece. Good girl! Tonight, we plopped some chicken, egg pieces, and veggies in front of her and let her feed herself. Below are the resulting photos. As you can tell, she had a good time!

Little cutie at the dinner table.

Natalie concentrates on picking food up off the tray.

Something fun has caught Natalie's attention.

Natalie finds her daddy really funny!

That's REALLY funny!

And I mean SUPER funny!

Now look at Video 141 taken during and after some of the photos were taken. She's a loud one! I wonder how do other parents of little girls teach them to be lady-like and use their "indoor voices"...? I guess one thing we could do is not laugh and encourage her, but it's too funny, we just can't help it.

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  1. lol, that's damn cute, esp with ur comments