Friday, July 11, 2008

Football Club

Today, I took Natalie to the football club to hang out in the kids room while daddy Clark played a few rounds of squash. It's a fantastic kids room with bright colors, padded floors, lego walls, a ball pit, and more! As usual, Natalie was happy to be out and was very curious and wanted to get her little hand on everything.

When we first arrived, it was quiet, but later on, more kids came in to play and Natalie loves watching other kids play. At one point, while Natalie was standing at the lego wall, another little girl (maybe a few months older) stood next to Natalie and said "Oo ba looo la?" and Natalie replied "Da doh deek DEEEEK!" (very loudly and excitedly). The other girl kind of nodded and toddled away. It was very cute.

Below are pics from our time there (courtesy of my camera phone):

Natalie playing on the lego wall. As you can see, there are no lego pieces on the wall. Natalie prefers hanging onto the side of the bucket and picking out lego pieces and throwing them on the ground.

Natalie looking curiously into the ball pit before bravely diving in. At first, she didn't quite know what to make of it. And then, after watching another toddler happily playing, Natalie started waving her arms around and throwing balls around.

Natalie misbehaving. No climbing, Natalie!

Natalie playing house. She peeks out to check out what the other kids are doing.

Natalie hanging out with her daddy inbetween his games.

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