Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Hong Kong Zoo

Today, we took Natalie to the free zoo located in Central, Hong Kong. Natalie was very excited to be out and was looking at the animals in open-mouth amazement. She's never seen anything like this before! See photos below:

Natalie was really excited to be out and about.

You can see how hot it is by the way my hair sticks to my forehead.

Close-up of Natalie staring at birds in the aviary. Look at how focused she is, trying to make sense of what she is seeing.

The Hong Kong Aviary.

Like father like daughter, staring at lemurs in their cages.

There are lots of lemurs at the Hong Kong zoo. There were also lots of little baby lemurs clinging to their moms (born in March or April this year). Very cute!

Natalie is really good at sticking out her tongue. She does it all the time and will sometimes even blow spit bubbles off it.

More walking. Look at the happy determination on her face.

Whew, getting tired. And we are moving sooo... slow. Her steps are still very hesitant and each step is about 1/4 the length of an adult's.

Staring at a huge orangutan sleeping upright hanging onto the cage.

The huge orangutan.

A sleeping alligator. It was so hot even the animals dozed off.

Chinese porcupine. Very cool looking animal.

There were a bunch of large turtles together in one cage. Some of them kept trying to climb on top of the other turtles and the other turtles were getting annoyed and running away. Natalie cried when we tried to put her down in front of the turtle cage. She likes looking at the animals, but is scared of being too close.

Not sure what these are... more monkeys?

Funny gorilla.

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  1. great pics!! it's quite a walk in this weather too!