Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Listening to music and flying fun

As we get older, we tend to become more cautious and will avoid doing things that are dangerous and "not safe". For example, anything that goes too fast, too high, or too anything. Clark and I used to love rollercoasters. Then two years ago, we went to Canada's Wonderland and were really excited to try out all the new rides. But we found ourselves home before lunch because of headaches we got from the Wildebeast Ride.

Natalie, being a young'un that she is doesn't mind at all. Watch Video 137 of Natalie being given her daddy's home-made version of a rollercoaster. She LOVES it and will open her mouth and laugh. Later in the video, she waves hi to the camera and blows everyone a kiss.

Natalie curiously watching her daddy listen to music on his iPod shuffle.

Natalie's turn! She takes the ear bud and holds it to her own ear. When she hears the music, she waves her arms in the air (dancing) but will suddenly realize she can't hear the music any more and will quickly stop dancing and return the ear bud to her ear (and repeat).

Eventually she learned she couldn't dance AND listen to music at the same time so she contented herself with listening for a while, and then she threw the ear bud and the iPod to the ground and went to find something more interesting to do.

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