Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Miss. Behaving misbehaving?

Natalie is generally a very well-behaved little toddler. She will usually listen to us without question and when she is reaching for a forbidden (dangerous, dirty, or expensive) item, we only need to gently say "No, no, Natalie" and she will respond immediately without thinking and then look to us for approval and we'll smile and say "good girl" and feel very smug that we have raised such a well behaved little girl.

Lately however, we have noticed our little Miss. Behaving has been mis-behaving. Now when we say "No, Natalie", she pauses to think about it before moving on to something else OR, if the object is really very interesting, she will totally ignore us unless we raise our voice and say "No, no, Natalie!" Then she'll think about it again. Some times we even have to take the object away from her (or pick her up and move her away) and she will protest and squirm and maybe even cry. Uh oh. And I think this is just the beginning...

Natalie playing with scarves at KinderMusik last Tuesday.

Natalie (looking) innocently disagreeing with the post title.
She's wearing her new white vest from Uniqlo (only $59!). It's hard to tell, but it's a fine sweater material. We also bought a magenta-purple one.

Natalie and Nai-nai enjoying class at KinderMusic.

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  1. HAHAHAA it's starting! HAHAHAHAAHAHHAAHAHHAHA well, that is only the beginning!!! HAHAHAHAHA