Sunday, July 27, 2008

New friends

Yesterday, Clark, Nai-nai and I attended a first-aid course organized by people in my office. It's fantastic that my office has a bunch of people with young babies / toddlers as a support group (this Friday we are also having a networking lunch-with-your-baby). However, despite wonderful planning and organization, the course was only ok ... different than what we all expected, but at the same time, there were many useful reminders about child first-aid and prevention.

Several other moms and dads also brought their little ones to hang out so Natalie had the chance to meet some new friends. She was by far the most vocal and distruptive baby at the course (yelling, walking around and patting people for their attention, etc...) but in this setting where everyone had young children and understood, it was kind of cute. See pics of Natalie hanging with the other babies below:

Natalie and Kylie. Aww... it's just like precious moments.

Natalie admiring Kylie's dress. She wonders why she didn't get to dress up in a dress as pretty as Kylie's. Everyone thought she was a boy (you can probably see why).

Kylie is a little cutie.

Natalie lifts the curtain and peeks outside. It's bright out there!

Later in the afternoon, another baby comes to join the fun. She's just 10 months old.

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