Friday, July 25, 2008

Play date with friends!

Today, Natalie went to the JW Tumblers gym in Central to spend some quality time with her little friends from our mommies group. Although she was a little over-whelmed at first and stuck close by me, she did eventually wander off (while keeping a close eye on me) to play with various equipment. See photos below:

This is where Natalie spent a lot of her time while at the gym. She preferred to stand and hang on to my pant legs and observe.

Natalie has gotten hold of a baby walker and has bravely wandered off (in a straight-ish line). She especially likes balls and keeps her eye on the few that roll past. If I'm close enough, she'll turn to me and very importantly point out the nearest ball and say "boh-boh".

I've turned Natalie around and she is now following an 18th month old boy around. Actually, she can only walk in a straight line so when the boy turns around, she looks after him and then keeps going straight.

Natalie curiously watching the other kids play with the cars. The little cutie in the red shirt is Emily, a friend Natalie hasn't seen in a long time and who suddenly grew very tall and sprouted lots of beautiful hair (in a few months).

When I put Natalie on this, she looked at me and was like, "Ok, now what?"

Natalie in the ball pit. She loves the ball pit! I put her in and walked away and she was playing by herself for several minutes throwing balls around before realizing she couldn't see me. Her little friend Jamie takes the ball pit very seriously.

Natalie still playing in the ball pit. Her friend "big boy" Noah is also busy inspecting a blue ball.

The gym was great! Lots of activities and places to explore with her little friends.

More ball pit fun. Natalie was also very intrigued by the two stuffed animals of the monkey and tiger. She pointed them out to me and said, "Woah-woah".

Natalie looking up at her new mountain to conquer. With her newfound climbing abilities, when she saw the slide and after thinking about it for a long while, let go of my leg and walked (by herself, no hands!) to the slide and proceeded to try and climb it.

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