Thursday, July 3, 2008

A relaxing afternoon at Top Deck

Tuesday was a public holiday in Hong Kong. Not only did we visit the zoo in the morning, but we also enjoyed a very relaxing afternoon at Top Deck where we met up with Fabiano, Caroline and their daughter (Natalie's new friend) the very cute Serafina.

Natalie and Serafina are well-fed and now wandering around, out of their highchairs.

Here they are with their daddies. Natalie is still not brave enough to let go of her daddy's hand.

Serafina is a good little walker. She's so stable she can run, and even step over obstacles in her way.

Here she is running away and making sure someone is following her (it's like a game to her). Her poor parents are constantly chasing after her :)

Fabiano with the Serafina and Natalie. Natalie was so well-behaved and didn't cry when other people held her. Don't both babies look so well-behaved here?

What about here?

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