Sunday, August 31, 2008

Ocean Park

On Friday, Clark and I took a day off from work to go to Ocean Park with Natalie, Carol, Lisa, Vanessa, and Victoria. It was sooo hot! We spent most of our time in the restaurant and inside the under-the-sea exhibits such as the Chinese Sturgeon and the Atoll Reef. While there, Natalie pointed out the fish (she says "ffeh") and turtles. Clark and I bought season passes and hope to take Natalie again.

Clark and Natalie at Ocean's Park.

Tracy and Natalie at Ocean Park.

Posing with the cartoon statues. Natalie is waving at all the people standing behind Clark who are shouting "Natalie, look here! Over here!" and trying to make her laugh.

Lisa, Victoria, Vanessa, Natalie, and Tracy posing with the statues.

Natalie and Tracy on the cable car to lunch.

Look how hot it is. Even with the nice breeze coming in through the windows, Natalie had a huge sweat head.

Natalie pointing out the water (she calls it "ogh! Ogh!")

Here is Vanessa happily enjoying her jell-o while at lunch.

Natalie and her daddy Clark at the Atoll Reef exhibit. It's amazing! But hard to take good photos.

Lisa, Victoria, Vanessa, and Carol in the other cable car.

Their cable car again. We kept yelling "Yee-yeeeee!" and "Yee-juuurn!" back and forth, and eventually Vanessa started yelling too.

The view. We're almost back!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

At the airport again...

This weekend we were at the airport again. We weren't traveling, but went instead to drop Uncle Dave off at the airport and enjoy a lunch together.

While there, something made Natalie do this...

You can't tell from here, but Natalie is freaking out (kicking, crying and screaming her lungs out) about the big scary "animal". She did NOT want to stand next to it for a picture.

Here she is being comforted by her Carol Yee-yee after her mommy was so mean in bringing her so close to the scary animal.

Natalie fell asleep in the car on our way to the airport. She was sleeping so soundly, we didn't want to wake her (and we didn't have her stroller) so daddy Clark came up with a very innovative idea. You can see she is way too big for her rear-facing car seat now. We need to buy a "big-girl" car seat for her soon.

Shoe girl

Natalie loves to put on other people's shoes. I grabbed my phone camera and snapped a few blurry shots below.

Natalie wearing Clark's running shoes. She has trouble walking in them (they're heavy!)

Natalie wearing my high heels. Her entire foot can almost fit out of the peep-toe front.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


All the time we have spent reading to Natalie seems to be paying off... she LOVES books! Sometimes, she will sit quietly by herself, leafing through a book, studying each page carefully. Once done studying a page, she will turn the page herself and keep going. Amazingly, she will do this for one or two books at a time without anyone sitting or reading with her.

Clark joins Natalie on the floor with a book of his own.

Daddy and baby reading together.

Clark is really proud of his little bookworm.

Upside Down

These photos need no explanation...

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Last time when we were at Toys R' Us, Natalie became very excited and worked up about all the different things she could identify like "boh-boh" (balls) and "woah-woah" (dogs) and "fah-fah" (flowers). She walked everywhere, yelling and waving her arms, and very importantly pointing out these objects to us. She is learning new words every day.

Watch Video 149 of Natalie reading through a book of first words, identifying her favourites objects and turning the pages.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Playing on the slide

Natalie still enjoys climbing up the slide at our local park. Below are pics taken last night from our brief stop at the park. It was HOT so we didn't stay too long.

Natalie eyeing the prize... the top of the slide.

Look at the determination on her little face. Even with full pants (slippery knees) she kept going.

Half-way there!

Still going. Doesn't this look fun?

Almost there.

When she reaches the top, we help her slide back down.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The cutest ever

Natalie is the cutest little baby girl ever. I'm not biased. Seriously.

Natalie hanging with me last night.

She was in a very cheerful mood.

She eagerly smiles back when I stick my head out from behind the camera to smile at her.

Natalie is very ticklish and has the cutest little giggle. I like to chase her with two index fingers.

Tee hee.

Time to try and calm down. It's bed time soon.

What, no more playing?

I stand up and Natalie wonders "What's going on?"

If we're finished playing, can you pick me up now? I do feel a little sleepy and when I'm tired you know what happens...

I get very grumpy real fast!!

Hey, where are you going? Pick me up right NOW!!!

Poor baby. Natalie says, "I'm mad at you. How could you?"