Wednesday, August 27, 2008

At the airport again...

This weekend we were at the airport again. We weren't traveling, but went instead to drop Uncle Dave off at the airport and enjoy a lunch together.

While there, something made Natalie do this...

You can't tell from here, but Natalie is freaking out (kicking, crying and screaming her lungs out) about the big scary "animal". She did NOT want to stand next to it for a picture.

Here she is being comforted by her Carol Yee-yee after her mommy was so mean in bringing her so close to the scary animal.

Natalie fell asleep in the car on our way to the airport. She was sleeping so soundly, we didn't want to wake her (and we didn't have her stroller) so daddy Clark came up with a very innovative idea. You can see she is way too big for her rear-facing car seat now. We need to buy a "big-girl" car seat for her soon.

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