Monday, August 4, 2008

Ball chaser

Here are a few more pictures from our relaxing Sunday morning yesterday:

Natalie is chasing balls we bought for her at Toys R' Us. While at Toys R' Us, Natalie was a little over-whelmed and stuck close to me, but when she saw the balls display, suddenly her little hand pulled out from mine and off she went, toddling over to play with balls calling "Boh-boh! Boh boh!" Of course we couldn't resist buying her three (buy 2 get one free).

Natalie playing with the three balls.

Natalie kindly offers me a ball to play with. She can also throw them very well (almost in the right direction).

Natalie laughing and having fun with Nai-nai.

Natalie takes a short break before resuming play.

1 comment:

  1. lol!! vanessa loves those balls toO! we got her a big one and a little one! good you got three, so when the kids come over, they won't be fighting over the one!