Thursday, August 21, 2008

The cutest ever

Natalie is the cutest little baby girl ever. I'm not biased. Seriously.

Natalie hanging with me last night.

She was in a very cheerful mood.

She eagerly smiles back when I stick my head out from behind the camera to smile at her.

Natalie is very ticklish and has the cutest little giggle. I like to chase her with two index fingers.

Tee hee.

Time to try and calm down. It's bed time soon.

What, no more playing?

I stand up and Natalie wonders "What's going on?"

If we're finished playing, can you pick me up now? I do feel a little sleepy and when I'm tired you know what happens...

I get very grumpy real fast!!

Hey, where are you going? Pick me up right NOW!!!

Poor baby. Natalie says, "I'm mad at you. How could you?"

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