Monday, August 4, 2008

The little artist

We did it again. We bought Natalie a fabulous new toy. And the good thing is... she seems to like the "toy" better than she likes the box it came in (yay, let's hear it for progress!)

It's a crayola magnetic easel / table with chair and Natalie loves drawing on it and moving the magnets around (and occasionally throwing them on the floor). She can't sit up on the stool by herself (it's too high) so she'll make complain-y noises until we lift her up and sit her on top (legs dangling) and she'll laugh and start moving the magnets around or drawing -some times on the sofa next to her. Good thing these are "washable", although we haven't tested that yet.

Natalie playing with her new toy. Doesn't she look just like a little artist?

Natalie has slipped off her stool. She looks around for someone to help her back up.

Nai-nai tries to get Natalie to pick up the magnets she has thrown on the floor, but Natalie's attention has been diverted by the tv.


  1. i thought this set came with ABC magnets? But cool that they came with those other pieces!! how fab!!! Vanessa has the same set, now they can be artists together!

  2. I would like to order one of Natalie the great artist's first paintings. I am sure it will appreciate in value!