Monday, August 4, 2008

Natalie can walk!

Over the last couple of days, Natalie has taken a quantum leap in her physical development and has adopted walking (toddling) as her main form of travel. She still crawls around because she hasn't figured out to the stand from a sitting position. But she will pull herself up into the standing position using the nearby sofa, shelves, chairs, or other people, and toddle around from place to place. She still finds it really amusing and fun and will laugh and clap her hands and wave them in the air excitedly as she walks.

Watch Video 142 of Natalie walking around. First she comes to me where I point out a long, red crayon mark (made earlier on the sofa). She babbles something to me, but when I try to remind her "No no", she completely ignores me and turns around and walks away to find something more interesting than her nagging mum (it begins so soon!). She walks all the way to the dining table and asks for Nai-nai to pick her up. Once safely on Nai-nai's lap, she sits contentedly and they watch the computer together. Aww... :)

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