Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Park

After a healthy and hearty breakfast (at a restaurant that shall remain nameless), we decided to take our big bellies out for a walk to Causeway Bay. On our way, we passed through the beautiful Victoria Park and decided to stop by a kids' play area and see how Natalie took to the swings there.

Natalie loves balloons. While in the "restaurant", she kept pointing and excitedly repeating "boh-boh! boh-boh!" and so of course we had to ask if we could keep one of their balloons (for a small donation).

Natalie was not too impressed with the swings, but at least she didn't cry this time.

Instead she sat there, quietly holding her boh-boh and watching the other kids play.

Hey, what's Natalie looking and pointing at?

She didn't know her parents were... ninjas!

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