Monday, August 11, 2008

Settling in

This weekend, we went to Taipei for a 4-day family vacay. We stayed at the Far Eastern Shangri-La Hotel which is fabulous: modern, clean, spacious, and it also had a great view! Here are pics of Natalie getting settled on our arrival.

Natalie is cheerful and happy after two naps (one on the plane, one during the ride from the airport into the city).

First thing's first, we give Natalie a bottle and she eagerly tries to drink. Then she realizes she has to lie down to get any milk out.

After guzzling down her milk, she offers us the empty bottle. (We've learned a little trick: If she hasn't finished her bottle and tries to give it to us, if we don't take it from her, she'll drink some more. When she's really done, she'll drop the bottle and move on to something else)

Happy with a full belly, Natalie is feeling playful. She gives a little smile to the camera.

What a cutie!

The great view of Taipei city and 101 from our room windows.

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