Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Taipei Zoo

Photos from our Taiwan trip are being posted in bits and pieces. Here are pics from our visit to the Taipei Zoo. It is actually a really nice zoo! And practically free to visit (only NT$60 for Clark and I, $0 for the Nat). We were totally amazed at the size and number of animals in the public zoo, but we went a bit late and only managed to visit a few animals before we had to go.

Natalie wonders what's going on while Clark and Nai-nai figure out the train system in Taipei.

Now we're waiting for the train to arrive.

Natalie and her daddy riding the train on our way to the zoo. She has no idea where we're going and I think she was a little grumpy because it was so hot and sunny. She wouldn't say "Hi" to a nice young couple who stood in front of her.

We're at the zoo! The first animals we see are the emperor penguins. Natalie very importantly points them out to us. She says "Bur!" and we say, "Yes, Natalie, birds!"

We also saw several bears (one brown, a few black). This one got very close to the observation window... very cool. Then it drank some water, and fought with another black bear (kinda... they got really close and opened their mouths at each other). It was just like the discovery channel!

This was Natalie's constant expression while at the zoo. Her eyes and mouth were wide-open the entire time. What's she looking at here?

It's a deer! See her tiptoeing to get a better look?

Natalie posing with Nai-nai and the deer.

Natalie and her daddy study the donkeys (I think... not sure what they really are).

What's Natalie looking at now?

The very cute koala bears.

Can you find Natalie and her daddy here? They are front and center at the display.

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