Thursday, August 14, 2008


Thanks to Clark to downloading (and then uploading) the below videos of Natalie. You can see she has grown alot in the last few weeks. It's amazing to see the changes in her!

Watch Video 143 and Video 144 of Natalie feeding herself. With a little help and lots of encouragement (clapping and cheering from her adoring audience and also from herself), Natalie has started to learn to feed herself. She's not super coordinated and sometimes the food will drop off the spoon before it reaches her mouth, but it's a great start :)

Watch Video 145 of Natalie standing up by herself. Although she's been walking by herself for a while now, she only learned to stand up (without pulling herself up on anything) recently while in Taipei.

Watch Video 146 of Natalie playing in the pool. We went swimming every day and everyone had a nice little tan after the trip.

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  1. I love how she's able to feed herself and eat with you guys at the dinner table - at least she feels like she's part of the family, which is great!!

    And it's good to get them swimming early!!