Sunday, September 7, 2008

Cousins' day at the Park

Natalie is starting to spend more time with her cousins. It's great to get all the babies together for a playdate and funny to watch them interact. Natalie adores her older cousin Vanessa and will watch her and follow her around and try to copy her. Vanessa cries whenever Natalie touches her and will tell Lisa, "Mommy, Natalie touched me!". When I put Victoria on the ground to play with some of Natalie's toys, Natalie takes the toys away one-by-one to play with them herself. Poor Victoria. The small one is always picked on by the older ones. Good thing Carol Yee-yee will have a son soon ...and the cycle begins again.

Below are a few photos from our visit to the park last week.

Lisa is "super mom" watching three kids while I snap a few photos. Here she is mopping Natalie's sweaty head. It was hot!

Now Lisa is wiping Vanessa's sweat head. It's funny how little kids work up a sweat head so easily. And why just the head?

Someone is going down the big spiral slide. Who is it?

It's the cousin with the most hair... Vanessa! She was also able to climb UP the slide.

Natalie tapped on the bottom of the slide and looked at me. She wanted to slide, too, but she is too small and had to stick with the smaller slide.


  1. i love these play dates!! seriously, once you're not working, we should make it a regular thing to get together!!! I'm thinking Thursdays??

  2. I like the pic of Vanessa... have more if you want to see next time you're over :)