Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fun at Gymboree

Yesterday, Natalie, Por-por and I went to Gymboree during their free play time. Natalie was amazing! Usually, she will cling to my leg and suck her thumb for 15 minutes at the beginning while watching the other children play. Then, she will tentatively venture a little further away, but always keep an eye on her "home base". She also normally won't climb or go on any equipment but will pick up balls and wander around. But yesterday was a totally different story. As soon as she stepped into the play area, she took off to find her favourite balls. Then she was climbing and sliding and playing on the boat and other equipment... she hardly looked at me and was playing very independently. It was great to watch her in action (finally)!

Watch Video 155 of Natalie climbing and sliding on the equipment.
Watch Video 156 of Natalie sliding down the "slide". She loved it and Por-por had to lift her up again and again.

Natalie finally understands that to get through a "low" obstacle, she needs to crawl. Here she is crawling through the tunnel to Por-por.

That's her little feet and bum in her new jeans. That's Por-por at the end of the tunnel.

Natalie is now crawling through towards a little boy.

Actually, she only crawls in to retrieve her favourite toy... the ball.

More ball action happening. She was organizing the balls (again) but this time, she's also learned that she can flip the basket over and have the balls spill everywhere.

Some babies sat in the middle of the parachute while parents and other babies helped to fluff it up and down. Natalie loved it. When we tried to get her to fluff on the outside, she wanted to get back on the inside.

The other babies and adults leave to find other fun things to do. Natalie makes the "finished" sign. And we move on to other fun and games.

Natalie loved to stand on top of this plank and look down over her kingdom. She walked back and forth over and over again.

Natalie waves "hi" to me.

Here she is giving Por-por a huge. She can also say Por-por (it sounds like "poh poh").

Natalie crawling on the equipment. She's so smart and knows to duck her head to avoid hitting the ceiling.

Natalie sitting under the equipment watching other kids playing (this was near the end of the session and she was getting tired).

The little boy entices Natalie with an orange call.

Natalie laughing and playing along.

More laughing and screaming.

Natalie turns around to watch the other kids in the boat. Later, she joins them and we all sing "Row row row your boat". All in all, a great time!

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  1. awww man, wanna come join next time!!! next thursday! we'll all go together!!!