Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Crying over a flakey bun

Today we went to the local convenient store to purchase some drinks. While there, Natalie decided she was hungry and pointed at the bakery display so I bought her a small bun with a flakey, pineapple crust on the top. While walking home and gnawing on her bun, she suddenly noticed that with each bite, a little bit of the sweet, crusty top would flake off and drop to the sidewalk. When she noticed this, she became very distressed and began to cry. So I walked her a little further away (so she couldn't see the yummy flakes on the ground) and she was happy again with her little bun... that is until another flake fell to the ground and the cycle began again. It happened about 10 times until there were no flakes left. Very cute, but sad... in a cute way :)

Natalie enjoying her little bun.

1 comment:

  1. they all love the flaky buns!! no, i stand corrected - they all love the top of the flaky buns!!