Saturday, October 25, 2008

Even sadder...

Why is Natalie so sad? Even with all the other major stuff going on in her life (teething, allergies, medicine, etc...), we found that with all the teeth Natalie has, her poor little thumb is growing a big, rough callous and it is often red and painful looking from all the vigorous thumb-sucking she does. So we bought Bite-X, a really bitter solution to rub on her thumb. Whenever Natalie pops her thumb into her mouth, she'll immediately pop it back out and scream and cry and then spit a big, bitter puddle on the floor, poor girl.

But she's a fast learner and hardly sucks her thumb any more (unless she's half asleep and forgets) and as an alternative, we've introduced the pacifier to her. It's been a couple of days and so far so good! We hope she'll soon forget about her thumb and only use pacifier from now on.

Here is the callous growing on Natalie's right thumb.

Here it is again from another angle. It's a rough bump and sometimes a little red, too.

This is the Bite-X solution we've been coating her thumb with over the past few days.

And this what Natalie thinks about all this.

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